Dance Classes

Teelin dance classes are designed to elicit and nurture in our students a love of dance. Irish dance students range from age 4 through adult, with interests varying from recreational dance, to performance opportunities, to international competition opportunities.


How long are the class sessions?

Most of our classes are full-year classes, September to June. The Tiny Toes (for pre-K students) is a 6-week session designed to introduce young dancers to Irish dance. The Adult Beginner class is also a 6-week session, typically offered once in the fall and once in the spring. If studio space and teacher scheduling permit, a Spring Beginner class may be offered starting in January, or other classes may be offered for partial-year sessions.

We also offer several Summer Camps and some Extra Classes. (Note: Most “extra classes” are for Teelin students only, but there are sometimes other classes, such as yoga or stretching classes, that are open to new students, too.)

Please see the School Calendar and the Class Schedules for more information about our sessions.

How much is the tuition? Are there other fees?

Tuition for each class listed within the online registration system, and is determined by the number of hours of instruction, and whether or not the class is a supplemental option for dancers. An overview of tuition is offered on the second page of the registration info & policies document (although not all classes may be listed on this document).

2017-2018 Registration Info & Policies / Link to 2017-2018 Class Schedule
2018 Summer Registration Info & PoliciesLink to 2018 Summer Camp Schedule

A discount is offered to students who register for multiple full-year classes. Tuition is due at the time of registration and may be paid either in one lump sum or in 3 installments. Regarding other expenses…

There is a registration fee per family for the school year (separate registration fee for summer).

Students in the Sept-June classes will participate in the annual Teelin Spring Show, which will require a costume purchase (varies by class, see the registration details for more info).

Students transferring from another IDTANA school will also pay a $25 transfer registration fee.

Appropriate dance shoes are required, unless otherwise noted for abbreviated sessions.

Teelin Gear items and spirit wear are optional. However, all dancers participating in the Baltimore Parade must have a red Teelin shirt or sweatshirt.

When available, participation in Extra Classes or workshops is encouraged for skill enhancement opportunities.

Participation in competitions is an individual decision, and any fees incurred are paid individually. For more information about Irish dance competitions please visit the Feis Information pages.

How do I register for classes or camps?


Registration instructions are listed on each page that offers our schedules:

First read our policies, then complete registration online, and then submit payment within 10 days to confirm enrollment.

To check your enrollment status, login to your account at this link –

Do you offer a 'trial period'?

Full tuition is due at the time of registration. However, enrolled students are given three weeks of class to determine their commitment. Tuition refunds will not be issued after the third scheduled class of the session if a student or parent decides not to continue, UNLESS approved by Teelin or for medical or other emergency situation.

What do students wear to class?

Students most commonly wear sport shorts and a shirt. Any dance clothing that permits freedom of movement is appropriate, as long as the teacher can clearly see the dancer’s legs and feet. Appropriate dance shoes are required.

Note: Dancers in the Teelin Champ Program are required to wear black shorts and top, and white socks the same length as their competition socks.

May students join a class midyear?

Sorry, no. We have found that it is too disruptive to the classes in session. Beginner level students are encouraged to enroll at the beginning of the year, or for an abbreviated January Beginner session (if offered), or in a Beginner Summer Camp.

Dancers with prior Irish dance experience need to meet with Maureen to determine appropriate placement, and then transfer if there are any openings in an approtpriate class for the upcoming year. Interviews for possible transfer students will be considered during the time period after the Teelin Spring Show through mid-summer.

What are the general policies?

“General Information and Policies” are listed on the registration document. Consent to these policies is required at the time of registration. Below are a few helpful reminders for dancers. If there are any further questions, please contact us!

  • Please arrive for class on time, dressed appropriately.
  • Bring a water bottle, or purchase one for $1 from the lobby.
  • No chewing gum.
  • No sitting during class. If you’re on the floor, you should be stretching!
  • No long or baggy pants. Teachers must be able to see your legs.
  • Please respect the studio space.
  • Collect all belongings, remove litter, use recycling bins where available.

Inclement Weather/Emergencies: If the weather is questionable, please call 443-629-7808 to hear the school message. We will not always follow the public school closings.

Absence: If you miss a class, you may attend another class at the same level (or a level below). Advanced permission required – send an email to with the name/date of the missed class and the name/date of the requested make-up class. Make-ups are discouraged during Spring Show prepaprations.

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