Extra Classes & Partial Year Classes

Register online, and then either mail payment to Kathleen or place it in the tuition box (mark the date and class in the memo of your check). Advanced registration required. NOTE: Registering for a class constitutes a commitment to attend and to pay for that class. If there is insufficient enrollment and a class needs to be cancelled, any registered students will be notified by email and their account will be credited. Any questions, please email Kathleen at kathleen@teelin.com.


For the following classes, registration is available within
“2016-17 Partial Year Classes” – Link to Online Registration

Supplemental classes are a great way for students to boost their skill level with extra dance practice opportunities throughout the school year. Workshops and extra classes are optional for Teelin students, and may not substitute a regular class.

Drills classes are an excellent opportunity for students to focus on how a certain skill should be executed, and to repeat it correctly in class many times, thereby building endurance and instilling proper muscle memory. Drills classes are most beneficial for students who will then take these lessons and apply them to their steps during independent practice time.

Recommended for Open Champs and Prelim Champs, and PW dancers who are competing at least both of their hard shoe dances in Prizewinner Grade. Dancers, this is your opportunity to strengthen your foundation of classic champ skills.

Winter Session: Jan 6-Feb 10 (6 weeks)
Fridays 5:30-6:30pm
Tuition: $102

March Session: Mar 3, Mar 24, Mar 31 (3 weeks)
Fridays 5:30-6:30pm
Tuition: $51

Class Goal: Improve overall fitness level and stamina and minimize risk of injury. Class activities will include sprint training, plyometrics, and dynamic stretching, while performing movements with proper technique.

Target Audience: Any champ level dancer AND any 11&up dancer Advanced Beginner through Prizewinner level

Class Curriculum :
• Increase muscular endurance
• Improve aerobic AND anaerobic cardiovascular endurance
• Increase muscular strength, including core strength
• Improve flexibility
• Improve mental stamina
• Proper cool down and stretching

Needed for class:
• Sneakers
• Yoga mat
• Water

Winter Session: Jan 6-Feb 10 (6 weeks)
Fridays 7:30-8:30pm
Tuition: $102

**Feb 17 registration available as a single class only!

March Session: Mar 3, Mar 24, Mar 31 (3 weeks)
Fridays 7:30-8:30pm
Tuition: $51

Join certified Yoga instructor, Maureen, for yoga classes! Bring your own mat. Open to Teelin dancers and also non-dancers or parents.

Yoga classes on the following Fridays, 7:30-8:30pm
Tuition: $15 per class
***IMPORTANT! Must register online by 5pm the day before. If less than 6 people are registered, the class will be cancelled.

Jan 6
Jan 13
Jan 20
Jan 27
Feb 3
Feb 10
Feb 17
Mar 3
Mar 24
Mar 31

For adults, or older teens, who are new to Irish dance.

Spring Adult Beginner Class
Wednesdays 8:00-9:00pm
Mar 1-Apr 5 (6 classes)
Tuition: $102

Please read the 2016-2017 Registration document for Teelin General Information and Policies, and then follow this link to register within “2016-17 Partial Year Classes” – Link to Online Registration

This introductory class offers an abbreviated session for 4- or 5-year-olds ('pre-K' age; must be old enough to be entering kindergarten next fall). Irish soft shoes are not required; bare feet or ballet slippers are fine.

Spring Tiny Toes
Thursdays 2:00-2:30pm
+ participation in the Teelin Spring Show on May 7!
Mar 16, Mar 23, Mar 30, Apr 6, Apr 27, May 4 (6 classes)
Cost: $110 (includes tuition and costume fee), + $10 registration fee for new families only

Note: No class on Apr 13 or Apr 20.

Please read the 2016-2017 Registration document for Teelin General Information and Policies, and then follow this link to register within “2016-17 Partial Year Classes” – Link to Online Registration

Are you eligible to audition for the 2017-2018 Company or Junior Troupe? If so, this workshop will be a great help!

This optional “prep class” is an opportunity to polish your performance prior to the audition, and to receive helpful feedback on your technique and stage presence. Dancers must be eligible to audition in order to take the Audition Workshop (see eligibility description listed below under Audition Requirements).

Audition Workshop – note date/time change!
Friday, April 28
Tuition: $17

Note: registration for workshop does not also denote registration for auditions. Auditions will be held on Friday, May 19, 6:00-7:00pm, and require a separate registration by May 5th at the latest.

For additional resources, please visit the TIDC Audition Resources page of our school website. (login required)

To learn more about the Teelin Irish Dance Company, please visit this section of our website – http://teelin.com/TIDC/


The Teelin Irish Dance Company is comprised of champion (prelim or open) level dancers who are 8th grade or older. Rehearsals are held weekly on Tuesday evenings Sep-Apr, and participation in the Company Camp Aug 7-11, 2017, is mandatory for consideration.

Company Member Audition:
• Know “Steps 1-5” treble reels, and Gaelic 2, and dance them with a group.
• Perform Slap Step Treble Reel as a solo.
• Know and be ready to demonstrate traveling batter-front-downs, right and left drums, fast lead, and half fast lead.
• Soft Shoe – perform Point-Point Reel fast, staying in a line of dancers.

Junior Troupe is comprised of champion dancers (or dancers who have at least both hard shoe dances in prizewinner grade) who are in 5th-7th grade. Rehearsals are held on Friday evenings Sep-Apr, and participation in Junior Troupe Camp Aug 7-11, 2017 (tentative time 10am-12noon) is mandatory for consideration.

Junior Troupe Audition:
• Know these four treble reel steps, and dance them with a group: Shite Step, Double Stamp Step, Gaelic 2, and Front Down Treble Reel.
• Perform Michael Pat Treble Reel as a solo.
• Know and be ready to demonstrate right and left drums, fast lead, and half fast lead.
• Soft Shoe – perform Point-Point Reel fast, staying in a line of dancers.

*Note: Must register for auditions by May 5th at the latest.

If you have questions, please contact Angela Galoppo, Teelin Irish Dance Company Manager, at angela@teelin.com.

For competition dancers who are at least Novice Grade in their soft shoe dances, AND to all adults who are interested, regardless of experience.

New this spring, we will be offering a class for dancers who are interested in developing the skills necessary to participate in competitive Figure Teams, and creating some “feis teams” for competitions. Each year, a select group of dancers are invited to train with Oireachtas Figure Teams, but the constraints of team configurations invariably leave many very capable dancers without a team assignment. This provides an alternative. Participating in ceili figure team events at a feis is also considerably less pressure than team participation at Oireachtas.

We are also interested in developing an Adult Figure Teams program at Teelin! For the spring season, the “feis teams” and “adult teams” will train together, to help kickoff this new initiative.

Please consider! The following class is open to all competition dancers who are at least Novice Grade in their soft shoe dances, AND to all adults who are interested, regardless of experience. Yes, this will be a multi-level class; we are prepared to effectively train a variety of levels in this 4-week session. Soft shoes are required for competitive dancers, but adults may start in sneakers if they do not yet own soft shoes.

Feis Teams & Adult Teams Ceili Class
Tuesdays 8:00-9:00pm
May 9-30 (4 classes)
Tuition: $68

Registration is now open within “2016-2017 Partial Year Classes”

These workshops are listed here for convenience. Champ dancers, please see the information on the Champ Blog for more details.

To ensure that all dancers attend the correct workshops, we are asking all champs to please enroll through the online class registration system. https://app.thestudiodirector.com/teelin/portal.sd?page=Login

Please factor in “warm up” time for each workshop prior to the start times listed. Dancers are asked to be warmed up and ready to perform “full out” by the start time of each class with Michael Pat.

Friday, May 12
4:30-5:15pm – Drills for Prelim (&U9 Open) hard shoe
5:15-5:45pm – Three Sea Captains set workshop
(5:45-6:00pm – break)
6:00-7:00pm – Drunken Gauger & Vanishing Lake set workshop
7:00-8:00pm – Drills for Open hard shoe
8:00-8:45pm – Kilkenny Races set workshop

Saturday, May 13
12noon-1:00pm – Prelim (&U9 Open) Reels
1:00-1:30pm – Drills for Prelim (&U9 Open) soft shoe
1:30-2:30pm – Prelim Slip Jigs
(2:30-3:15pm – break)
3:15-4:30pm – Open Reels
4:30-5:30pm – Drills for Open soft shoe
5:30-6:45pm – Open Slip Jigs

Sunday, May 14
10:00-11:00am – Prelim (&U9 Open) Treble Jigs
11:00-12noon – Prelim Hornpipes
(12:00-12:45pm – BREAK)
12:45-2:00pm – Open Hornpipes
2:00-3:15pm – Open Treble Jigs

There will be some additional lessons scheduled with Michael Pat on Thursday, May 11, and outside of the workshop hours listed above. Maureen will review those opportunities after the World Championships to determine the most effective use of time and resources, and then more information will be shared with affected dancers.

IMPORTANT: Read more about these champ workshops on the Teelin Champ Blog…


Private lessons are a supplemental opportunity for a student to receive more individualized instruction and feedback from a teacher. Private lessons are meant to support (not replace) a dancer’s class instruction and independent practice. Because time and studio space are limited, priority is given to those dancers who practice independently and will therefore be able to maximize the productivity of their private lesson time.

Read our policies regarding private lessons, and find links to the lesson request forms...


ALL private lessons must follow this procedure:

1. To request a private lesson, fill out the appropriate online Private Lesson Request Form:

Note that ALL private lessons need to be requested through one of these forms, even if the lesson will take place at a home instead the studio, and even if the lesson has been discussed verbally and will be occurring soon. This is an important communication step to help Maureen keep track of private lessons.

2. Maureen will receive the request, and will either reply to you herself, or will forward the request to another instructor, and then that instructor will contact you.

3. All private lessons held at the Teelin studio must follow the procedures to reserve studio space, per the guidelines posted on the Studio Calendar page of our school website. The reservation must be marked as a private lesson, not a practice time, and will be listed with both the name of the instructor and the name of the student(s) in the lesson.

4. If the lesson is being taught by someone other than Maureen, then that teacher is required to connect with Maureen prior to the lesson being taught to briefly review a lesson plan, and tell her when and where the lesson will be held. That teacher is also required to send a summary email to Maureen and copied to the student/family after the lesson has been taught.

5. Students should bring both a notebook and a video recording device (such as an iPhone) so that they may leave the lesson with tangible feedback to then work on in their independent practice. If the lesson is with a teacher other than Maureen, share those videos and notes with Maureen after the lesson.

6. Parents are not allowed to sit in on the private lesson, but may be invited in at the end of the lesson to review notes or to videotape.

7. Lesson fee should be established during the emailed communications prior to the lesson, and then payment should be handed to the instructor at the beginning of the private lesson. The fee for a private lesson is the same amount at the studio or at someone’s home.

If you have any questions about these policies, please ask.

Note: The calendar below only shows class listings, it does not show any private lessons or other independent studio reservations. Those are listed on the Studio Calendar (password required).