Teelin Beginner Feis

The purpose of our Beginner Feis is to help introduce our newer dancers to Irish dance competitions. This event is only open to Teelin students who are in a Beginner, Beginner II or Level 1 class this year.**

Sunday, November 20
1:00pm – 3:00pm
at Circle D Farm in Woodbine
(same venue as the Teelin Ceili, which is right afterward!)

**New competitions added – Amy Martin Memorial Treble Reel Choreography Competition! And a music competition! Read more below, underneath the Beginner Feis FAQ’s….


1:00pm – Competitors arrive, get competitor card, warm-up
1:30pm – Dancing Competitions Begin, and continue in order per the schedule
Awards will be presented for all competitors at the conclusion of all competitions.

Registration open through Nov 16 at https://app.thestudiodirector.com/teelin/portal.sd?page=Login

Please read the FAQs below for important information about how to register and what to expect. Advanced registration is required. Have more questions that were not answered below? No problem, email us!
beginner feis

A feis (pronounced “fesh”) is an Irish dance competition. The Teelin Beginner Feis serves to introduce our dancers to an Irish dance competition in a smaller and more personal environment than a sanctioned feis. This feis is open only to students in the Teelin School of Irish Dance who are currently enrolled in either a Beginner, Beginner II or Level 1 class.

To learn more about Irish dance competitions please see this page of our website, and in particular review these three introductory items:


How do dancers register for the Teelin Beginner Feis, and how much does it cost?

Since the Teelin Beginner Feis is for Teelin students only, we will be using our school’s online registration system, instead of using one of the online registration systems typically used for feis registrations (such as efeis.com, feisweb.com, feisworx.com, etc.).

To register for the Teelin Beginner Feis, please login to your family account at this link, and then find the “Teelin Beginner Feis”. https://www.thestudiodirector.com/teelin/portal.jsp?page=Login

Competition Registration Fees (per dancer):
$10 for 1 dance, $15 for 2 dances, $20 for 3 dances

REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 11, 2016.Registration has been extended to Nov 18!!!

Admission Fees (per family):
FREE if paying admission to attend the Teelin Ceili 3pm-6pm;
or $5 per family to attend the Beginner Feis only (1pm-3pm)

NOTE: competition fees are paid with online registration; admission fees are collected at the door (cash or check only).

Competitors may enter as many or as few competition events as they like, based on the steps that they feel comfortable performing. There are three options, and each dance is performed in soft shoes – the Reel competition event, the Light Jig competition event, and the Slip Jig competition event. Teelin instructors will divide students into appropriate level groupings for each of the dance events they have chosen (roughly divided by class level, depending on how many dancers register for each option).

What is the schedule, and when should we arrive?

Typically at a feis, if you are scheduled to perform in the first event then you should plan to arrive 45-60 minutes prior to the stated start time. However, for the Teelin Beginner Feis, please plan to arrive at 1:00pm. Dance competitions will begin at 1:30pm.

Once all dancers have registered, then instructors will confer to divide groups by appropriate skill levels (roughly by class and age, depending on the number of entries). A stage schedule and estimated time for each competition group will be posted and emailed the week prior to the competition.

What do competitors wear?

Dancers who own a Teelin School competition costume should wear it. If not, girls should wear a black skirt and white blouse, boys wear black pants and white shirt. All girls must wear white poodle/bubble socks, boys wear black knee-high socks. More information about competition costumes may be found on this page of our website – competition costumes

Dancers must wear appropriate Irish soft shoes. Remember to double knot your laces! Shoes must stay tied during competition – at a feis, dancers are disqualified if laces come untied while competing.

Who will be judging, and how is this competition judged?

Joe Duffey, who has toured with Lord of the Dance, will be serving as adjudicator for the Teelin Beginner Feis. Dancers will be judged on their presentation of two full steps for each dance category performed to live music played at feis regulation speeds.

Will prizes be awarded?

Yes! Medals will be awarded in proportion to the number of entries in each competition and to the degree of proficiency shown.


Learn more about this competition....

New this year! There will also be a treble reel competition for dancers with hard shoe experience!

Amy Martin Memorial Treble Reel Choreography Competition

Choreograph your own Treble Reel – 16 bars (R & L, or 2R)

Winner of each division will receive a special trophy!

  • Adv Beg/Novice
  • Nov/PW
  • Champ

$10 entry fee

Advanced registration is required by November 11th. Registration is open within “Teelin Beginner Feis” – https://app.thestudiodirector.com/teelin/portal.sd?page=Login

To learn more about Amy Martin, please visit Amy’s Memorial Page. Thank you for helping us remember our friend.