Deadlines and Schedules

Reminder! Per the syllabus, today is final day for entry changes without a late fee, and no changes may be made after Oct 23. Any emails requesting an entry change received after midnight tonight will incur a late fee.

We know our feis parents like to plan ahead, especially those traveling from out of town. Our general plan is to run prelim champs from youngest to oldest, and open champs from oldest to youngest, but there may be some exceptions, especially through the middle of the day. For the grades stages, our plan is to run Beginner and Advanced Beginner events first, and then Novice and Prizewinner events afterward. All team competitions will be near the end of the day.

We hope to have the final schedule out the weekend prior to the feis. We are very excited for our inaugural feis, and we’re working hard to try to make it an efficient event! Thanks for your support, we look forward to seeing you there!