Feis FAQ’s

What does 'No Fancy Stuff' mean?

Teelin owners Maureen and Kathleen, along with their sister Eileen, grew up in the Peter Smith School of Irish Dance in New Jersey. Under Peter’s tutelage, the Berry sisters developed a strong passion for Irish dancing, encouraged by their immigrant parents Brigid and Mike Berry, well before Riverdance made Irish dancing popular. One of their fondest memories of Peter is his frequent and emphatic declarations of “No fancy stuff!”

When it comes right down to it, dancers dance because they LOVE the dancing. When a dancer’s passion shines bright onstage, it is indeed much brighter than any fancy blinged-out costume could ever shine. At the Teelin Feis, we are asking dancers to dress in simple outfits, NOT dance costumes, and to let their hearts and their smiles dominate the stage. Leave the fancies at home for this feis – no fancy stuff!

What do competitors wear at this feis?

All dancers, Beginners through Champions, are asked to wear modest attire, NOT formal costumes. Suggested attire is an outfit that is flattering for Irish dancing and simultaneously comfortable for the dancer. Skirt, skort, or capris work well. Gents may wear either long shorts or exercise pants. Either long- or short-sleeves are acceptable, but shoulders and bodice must both be fully covered. No tank tops, cami tops, or short-shorts. Black and/or red colors are encouraged! Competition outfits may not display graphics or lettering. (A brand logo is not an issue, as long as small.) No dance school or dancer info may be worn on any clothing for competition. Hair should be kept neatly off the face; no wigs. Enjoy the No Fancy Stuff!

Where can I find registration info, syllabus, adjudicators and musicians, etc?

Please see the Syllabus & Schedule page of this website for those details.

As each new piece of information becomes available, it will be announced on this website and on our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook).

Is Teelin Feis offering a Charity Treble Reel?

Yes! All proceeds from the Charity Treble Reel will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is to cure cystic fibrosis and to provide all people with the disease the opportunity to lead full, productive lives by funding research and drug development, promoting individualized treatment and ensuring access to high-quality, specialized care. This charity is especially close to Teelin’s heart because a sibling of a graduated Teelin dancer is afflicted with the disease, as is also a cousin to the Teelin owners.

What extra unique competitions are available?!?

In addition to music competitions and soda bread entries, a limited number of team competitions will be offered at this feis, and will be held at the end of the day. To increase the fun factor, we are including the following two team events:

  1. Parent/Child Figure – This is a 2-, 3-, or 4-hand figure dance comprised of a team of at least one parent and at least one child. Each team will be given an 8-bar intro, then will perform to 48 bars of music.
  2. Call & Answer Family Dance – This is a unique opportunity!! Each team will be comprised of at least one Irish dancer, and at least one other family member who may or may not have any Irish dancing experience at all. After an 8-bar intro of music, the dancer will perform any step sequence they’d like for 8 bars while the family member watches (the Call), then the dancer will stand idle for the next 8 bars of music while the family member attempts to copy what the dancer has just performed (the Answer). The Call & Answer is performed two more times (can be a different step sequence each time, or the same, your choice), for a total of 48 bars of dancing. Proper Irish dancing shoes are required for “the dancer” teammate only in this event; “the family member” teammate is not required to wear Irish dancing shoes. Up to 4 teammates allowed per team for the Call & Answer event.

Dancers, now’s the time to share your love of dancing, and get the whole family involved in this feis! Start planning your Call & Answer choreography now during these summer months, with all your favorite Irish dance moves that you’d like to see a family member attempt to imitate. If your family includes at least one parent with Irish dancing experience, and another family member (parent or sibling or other relative) who does not have Irish dancing experience, we highly recommend that you enter the Parent/Child Figure with the Irish dancer, and also enter the Call & Answer Dance with a “dancer wannabe” from your family! Admit it…. Irish dancing competitions can be stressful if you take them too seriously. Let’s have some fun together. 🙂

Are there hotels near this feis?

We have secured a group rate for a block of rooms at several hotels in nearby Gaithersburg. Information is available on the Syllabus & Schedule page of this website.

Do you have sponsorship opportunities?

Thanks for asking, indeed we do! Please see the Our Sponsors page of this website, and if you have further questions please contact us.

Which vendors will be at this feis?

Vendors are listed on the Vendors & Raffles page of this website. Check out the great raffle opportunities, too!


Have additional questions? Contact us at feis@teelin.com.