Feis FAQ’s

What does 'No Fancy Stuff' mean?

Teelin owners Maureen and Kathleen, along with their sister Eileen, grew up in the Peter Smith School of Irish Dance in New Jersey. Under Peter’s tutelage, the Berry sisters developed a strong passion for Irish dancing, encouraged by their immigrant parents Brigid and Mike Berry, well before Riverdance made Irish dancing popular. One of their fondest memories of Peter is his frequent and emphatic declarations of “No fancy stuff!”

When it comes right down to it, dancers dance because they LOVE the dancing. When a dancer’s passion shines bright onstage, it is indeed much brighter than any fancy blinged-out costume could ever shine. At the Teelin Feis, we are asking dancers to dress in simple outfits, NOT dance costumes, and to let their hearts and their smiles dominate the stage. Leave the fancies at home for this feis – no fancy stuff!

What do competitors wear at this feis?

We will outline details here to put everyone’s minds at ease. Our feis committee is drafting information now, stay tuned…

Where can I find registration info, syllabus, adjudicators and musicians, etc?

Those details will be added to the Syllabus & Schedule page of this website.

As each new piece of information becomes available, it will be announced on this website and on our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook).

Are there hotels near this feis?

Yes! If we are able to secure a block of rooms at a group rate, that information will be shared on the Syllabus & Schedule page of this website, and also on our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook). We will also share a list of nearby hotels.

For our feis venue information, see the Syllabus & Schedule page of this website.

Do have sponsorship opportunities?

Thanks for asking, indeed we do! Information about sponsorship opportunities will be announced as it becomes available, and then housed on the Vendors & Sponsors page of this website.


Have additional questions? Contact us at feis@teelin.com.