Registration Opens July 22!

Registration for the 2017 Teelin “No Fancy Stuff” Feis opens tomorrow! All registrations will be handled through

We have received a few questions regarding team competitions and champ schedules, and would like to address those questions directly. Our intention is to balance our syllabus offerings with a manageable schedule, especially since this is our first time hosting a sanctioned feis.

With this in mind, minimal team competitions are being offered – essentially only what is required by the IDTANA-SR rules, plus the Parent/Child and the unique Call&Answer Family Dance competitions to increase the fun factor. We will not be offering 8-hand ceili competitions at Teelin Feis this year. However, Feis Culkin will be offering 4-hand and 8-hand ceili competitions on Saturday (Nov 4).

It is too soon for us to declare our plans for the stage schedules at our inaugural feis, but we can state that the champ schedules will not necessarily be run in age order. Our committee is working hard to determine the most efficient schedule for both the grades stages and the champ stages, but we are not ready to commit to decision for the day’s schedule yet, except to state that all of the team competitions for the Teelin Feis will be held at the end of the day.

We sincerely hope that you’ll join us for the inaugural Teelin “No Fancy Stuff” Feis, and we look forward to sharing our mutual love of Irish dancing together!