Teelin Feis Stage Updates Tool

We are pleased to announce the debut of a new tool for stage updates!

Teelin Feis Stage Updates

This page, Teelin Feis Stage Updates, is running a new program that is being tested for the first time at the inaugural Teelin Feis on Nov 5, 2017. We have long admired the way that Feis Culkin has efficiently used the screen projector at their feis to post stage updates and champ award schedule announcements during their event. However, neither Feis Culkin nor Teelin Feis are able to use the screen projector this year due to a revised floor plan. Therefore, we’re trying something new.

To be sure that you are viewing current updates, either refresh the page manually through your web browser, or use the Auto-Refresh Interval tool.

Suppose you are you really only interested in tracking information for certain competition groups? No problem, just enter those competition numbers in the “Competitions to Watch” field, and then those numbers will be highlighted when they appear in the any of the “Current Stage Info” columns. Pretty cool, eh?!?

We will still be posting updates on the @TeelinFeis social media platforms. This new tool is mostly intended for use by participants at the feis, in lieu of the screen projector tool used so successfully by our friends from Feis Culkin in previous years.

We hope you enjoy using this new tool, and thank you for supporting the inaugural Teelin Feis. As with everything new, we will do our best, then will review and evaluate afterward, and then will decide what worked and what needs improvement.

Please note that the success of this new program relies heavily on sufficient internet connection. Here’s to hoping…!!!