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About Us

Teelin is committed to providing top quality dance instruction, promoting Irish culture through traditional step dance, exploring innovative choreography, and increasing performance opportunities for Irish dancers. This is accomplished through the two branches of Teelin: the SCHOOL OF IRISH DANCE, and the PERFORMANCE COMPANY.

Teelin School of Irish Dance
Teelin Irish Dance Company

Owner/Director Maureen Berry,TCRG, is passionate about Irish dance, Irish music, and dance performances. Both of Maureen’s sisters, Kathleen and Eileen, are also actively involved with Teelin. Kathleen Young, TCRG, is Co-Owner of Teelin and serves as Business Manager, and is also a Certified Instructor for Teelin School. And the third Berry sister, Eileen Narvell, is Teelin Event Coordinator for the dance school.

Joined by certified instructors Annie Hurley Morrison, ADCRG (formerly Owner/Director of Hurley School of Irish Dance), Meg Ortel, TMRF, and a team of highly qualified assistant instructors, Teelin has forged a strong and dedicated teaching staff. Several enthusiastic parents and adult dancers also assist with various administrative responsibilities, thereby enhancing the “Teelin Family” atmosphere enjoyed by all Teelin dancers and their families.

Maureen Berry, TCRG
Teelin Owner / Director

Kathleen Young, TCRG
Teelin Owner / Business Manager

Teelin School of Irish Dance, Inc., is affiliated with An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha (CLRG) and with the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America (IDTANA). Inherent in our business mission is a dedication to recognize and respect the dignity of each member in our community. Bullying and unkindness, whether physical or emotional, are entirely unacceptable at Teelin School of Irish Dance. Bullying is behavior by an individual or group, repeated or over time, which intentionally hurts. Bullying can take many forms (including cyber-bullying via text messages or social media apps). It conflicts sharply with our school’s principles and will always be treated seriously. If you feel that you are being bullied, or are concerned about bullying through any events or activities associated with Teelin School of Irish Dance, please contact Kathleen Young and/or Maureen Berry immediately. For information about the CLRG Child Protection Policy and Vetting Policy, visit this link – https://www.clrg.ie/index.php/en/vetting.html