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This is a password-protected section of the website for members of the Teelin Irish Dance Company. It serves as a “filing cabinet” for information related to performances and rehearsals. Please do not share the password.

Please remember…. All dancers assigned to a particular rehearsal or performance are expected to be there UNLESS her/his absence has been clearly communicated in advance by email, and also by phone if the email is not yet acknowledged. Your teammates are counting on you!


  • Short Term: Report illnesses, injuries and treatment plans ASAP to
  • Create a Group Text to include: Maureen (443-629-7808), Micaela (660-441-5751), Katie (443-915-4753) and Ben (443-803-9857). Send a group text as soon as you realize your dancer is ill, or you have an emergency, and may miss a rehearsal or gig. Please text even if you think missing might be a possibility first thing in the AM.
  • Long Term: Add dates of non-negotiable events to the Conflict Calendar by emailing Your date is not on calendar until you receive a reply confirmation email.

Have Questions? Email Micaela. Please use email instead of text message if it is not urgent.

2023-2024 Performance Season

Upcoming performances are highlighted in yellow. Calendar view available below. IMPORTANT: Rehearsal schedules are subject to change – check your email for updates, and hit “refresh” on your browser when visiting this page. If you have an email with a date/time stamp later than the email on file here, refer to that information. It means that the website was not yet updated.

ARCHIVES:  previous 2023-24 events  |  2022-23 Season  |  2021-22 Season  |  2020-21 Season  |  2019-20 Season  |  2018-19 Season  |  2017-18 Season  |  2016-17 Season  |  2015-16 Season  |  2014-15 Season  |  2013-14 Season  |  2012-13 Season  |  2011-12 Season  |  2010-11 Season

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2024-2025 Performance Season

The new season master calendar will be filled in more completely during camp weeks in late summer.

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