Communication Reminders

If you know that a student will miss their scheduled dance class, then please send e-mail to so that we have accurate expected attendance numbers in each class. (See below if a student is on a figure team, or in the champ program, or in company.)

Make-up opportunities are limited, in order to keep our class sizes manageable.  Any requests to attend a make-up class must be submitted by e-mail to Attendance in any make-up class must be confirmed in advance. NOTE FOR CHAMPS: Make-ups in the M/Th Champ classes will not be permitted during SRO prep times (Oct/Nov), unless a dancer is missing from that class date, in order to avoid increased numbers of dancers in those classes during peak training.

Additionally, there are three particular programs within Teelin that involve special communication procedures:

  • Oireachtas Figure Teams Program
  • Teelin Champion Program
  • Teelin Irish Dance Company

Specific communication protocols have been established in order to increase the efficiency of each of these programs. Maureen relies on these protocols, and the administrators within each program, to remain aware of each dancer’s status (i.e. – if a dancer is injured, or is ill and will miss class, etc).

IMPORTANT: Please use email, even if you also have a phone or text conversation with Maureen about a situation. Email is much more efficient for keeping track of each dancer’s status.

If a dancer…Send an email to
Figure TeamsChamp ProgramCompany
…has a known scheduling conflict and will be absent, send
…is sick, send email AND text if within 8 hours –
…is injured, send email with description of injury, the dancer’s restrictions due to this injury, their treatment plan and

Any questions about fees or tuition (for any program) should be emailed to

Online resources are available for each program. If you have forgotten the username and password for any of these sites and would like it resent, please send an email to

Oireachtas Figure Teams (password-protected pages)

*Note: in the square at the bottom of each event description, there is a link to copies of all emails sent about this event. Using the email topic search tool is also effective.

Teelin Champion Program (password-protected pages)

Teelin Irish Dance Company (password-protected pages)