Class Descriptions

Class levels are defined by a dancer’s ability to perform the requisite skills appropriate to that level, NOT by a dancer’s number of years of experience. Practice outside of class is highly recommended in order to make studio instruction time more beneficial… and therefore more fun! Students are encouraged to make use of Teelin’s “Practice Makes Perfect” DVD (available for sale within the Teelin Gear section of the website), and to use the online Step Notation database located within the “Student Info” section of the Teelin website (password required) for reminders of the steps they have learned in class.

For dancers who choose to compete, upper level classes will offer an intensified focus on the details of performing Irish dance in competition. Students will find that their progress is greatly enhanced by consistent practice outside of class. Effective independent practice sessions are required for participation in the Champion classes. Private lessons are not a substitute for independent practice.

See the Dance Shoes page of the website for information about purchasing appropriate footwear.


TINY TOES – This introductory class offers an abbreviated session for students age 4- or 5-years old (“pre-K” age; must be old enough to be entering kindergarten next year). Irish soft shoes are encouraged but not required; bare feet or ballet slippers are also fine. This class is typically offered in short sessions several times during the school year.

BEGINNER – For students new to Irish dance, or students who are repeating a Beginner class to build a better foundation for their training. Irish soft shoes are necessary for this class.

TEEN/ADULT BEGINNER – A great opportunity for older beginners to learn Irish dance! Adults of any age are welcome! Irish soft shoes are necessary for this class, but students may start in sneakers.This class is typically offered in short sessions, once each semester during the school year.


BEGINNER II – Prerequisite: Students have participated in at least one Beginner level class, and are working to master the basic technique, rhythm, and timing of Beginner level reels, light jigs, and slip jigs. Irish soft shoes are necessary for this class.

LEVEL 1Prerequisite: Students are either Beg2 or AB/N level students. This class may be taken on its own, or as a supplement to the Beg2 or AB/N classes. Irish soft shoes are necessary for this class. Students will learn additional reels, light jigs, slip jigs, and some fun performance steps, while focusing on the techniques of crossing, turnout, toes and posture/arms. Depending on the progress of the class, basic hard shoe skills and the traditional speed (fast tempo) treble jigs and hornpipes may be incorporated. Therefore, hard shoes may be necessary midyear. (Check with teacher before purchasing hard shoes.)

ADVANCED BEGINNER / NOVICE CLASSES – Prerequisite: Students have demonstrated clear understanding and execution of hop-1-2-3’s, 7’s & 3’s, and the basic rhythm & timing of beginner level reels, light jigs, and introductory slip jigs. This course is recommended for students who are actively competing in Advanced Beginner Grade, but is also open to non-competitive dancers working on Advanced Beginner Grade technique and skills. Irish soft shoes and hard shoes are both necessary. Students will focus on advancing their skills and techniques, and working to perfect the traditional tempo hard shoe dances in treble jigs and hornpipes.

NOVICE / PRIZEWINNER CLASSES – Prerequisite: Students must be performing the slow tempo hard shoe dances (treble jigs and hornpipes). Students must enroll in one hard shoe class, and one soft shoe class. This course is recommended for students who are actively competing in either Novice Grade or Prizewinner Grade, but is also open to non-competitive dancers working on N/PW technique and skills. Students will focus on advancing their skills and techniques, such as front clicks, rocks, twisting heels/drums, advanced jumps, fast batters, snaps, champ level hornpipe and treble jig pass thrus, and working to perfect the slow tempo (advanced level) hard shoe dances.

ADULT EXPERIENCED – A weekly mixed level class is offered for Adults with Irish Dancing Experience. Irish soft shoes and hard shoes are required for this class.


CHAMPION 1-DAY CLASSESPrerequisite: Students are actively competing in either Preliminary or Open Championships; or for Prizewinner Grade dancers, with permission.

CHAMPION 2-DAY CLASSESPrerequisite: Students are active members of the Teelin Champ Program, or have been assigned green champ steps and have permission to enroll. Students must be sufficiently fit to participate, have completed a PT screening, and be committed to independent practice outside of class to support a well-balanced training program.

CHAMPION SET DANCE CLASSESPrerequisite: Students are competing in championship competitions. Set dance classes are required for dancers enrolled in the 2-Day Champ Classes, and for all dancers who intend to compete at Oireachtas, per each dancer’s set assignment. Sessions are scheduled to start in September, leading up to Oireachtas, and then again for Jan-May.


TIDC PERFORMANCE TROUPES – Required classes for TIDC members per troupe assignments, and students must also be registered in a “skills class” (meaning a competition level class). For more information regarding Teelin’s performance teams, please see the Teelin Irish Dance Company section of the Teelin website.


DRILLS CLASSES – These abbreviated sessions are a great “second class” option for students who are looking for increased opportunities to improve their skills. NOTE: Students must also be registered in a “skills class” (meaning a competition class or a level class).

BEN’S DROP-IN BOOT CAMP – This stamina-building class offers a type of training called “HIIT” (high-intensity interval training: bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity). Ben’s Boot Camp workout also includes functional fitness, using whole-body, multi joints exercises which support cross-training for all levels including the highest level of Irish dance.

Irish Music Practice – Traditional Irish music session for intermediate level musicians – any instrument welcome. If interested, please talk to Maureen, or send an email to

Moga (Yoga with Maureen) Class – Great strengthening and health benefits for all dancers, families, and friends!  Zoom Moga is free of charge, open to all levels! See google calendar to confirm schedule each day, and for zoom login information.