Friday Music Sessions

The Friday Music Sessions at Teelin are for intermediate or advanced level musicians who are interested in sharing some traditional tunes together. Musicians who have not yet experienced other Irish music sessions are welcome, with the awareness that the sessions are not lessons. Maureen will lead the sessions, but she is not in a “teacher” role. Maureen plays accordion – all instruments are welcome!

There will be times when the group is learning a new tune, and one musician will act as leader while the other players are becoming familiar with the new melody. However, much of these one-hour sessions will be devoted to playing tunes that those musicians present have in common, and pushing the tempo of those tunes to play faster.

A good rule of thumb for musicians attending a Teelin music session is to come prepared with at least 4 tunes that can already be played up to speed. (It’s possible that not all of those tunes will be played, but Maureen will attempt to play at least one of those tunes at the session. Please speak up when asked which tunes you know!) When new or unfamiliar tunes are being played, musicians are encouraged to either attempt it as they are able, or to listen and then work on that tune independently before the next session. All participants are also encouraged to bring audio recording devices, in order to capture unfamiliar tunes. Even the most seasoned musicians make a practice of this. Playing by ear is highly encouraged, and is “the norm” in traditional Irish music.

There is no tuition or other fee charged for attending the Friday music sessions at Teelin. In general, music sessions are held every Friday that Maureen is teaching (i.e. – any dates that Friday dance classes are held), plus additional Fridays when possible. Please check the calendar below, and look specifically for “Irish Music Practice” listed in gray at 4pm on Fridays to see the scheduled sessions:


For those who read music, sheet music is posted as a convenience. (Big THANK YOU to Whit H, Beth K and Sy Z for gathering the sheet music and sending resources to the webmistress for posting!) Note that the tunes listed here are not comprehensive.

Ornamentations vary, and playing by ear is encouraged. To research a tune, please visit The app TunePal is also a great resource to have on your phone at a session. (Android version also available.)

Use the arrows in this table’s header to sort tunes.

POLKAArmagh Polka (also called John Ryan's)Beg/Intprint
POLKABill Sullivan's PolkaBeg/Intprint
JIGClub Ceili Jig
(also called the Old Favorite)
JIGSaddle the Pony JigBeg/Intprint
JIGKesh JigBeg/Intprint
JIGJimmy Ward'sBeg/Intprint
JIGSonny Brogan'sBeg/Intprintaudio
JIGLark in the MorningInt/Advprint
JIGBlackthorn Stick (the jig, not the set dance)
(also called "Mike Berry's Jig")
JIGDusty WindowsillsInt/Advprint
JIGSecond VictoryInt/Advprintaudio
JIGThe Battering RamInt/Advprintaudio
JIGMaid on the GreenInt/Advprintaudio*
JIGAnthony Frawley'sInt/Advprintaudio*
JIGBlarney Pilgrim JigInt/Advprintaudio
REELMiss McLeod's Reel
(also spelled Miss McCloud's)
REELHumours of Tulla ReelBeg/Intprint
REELLast Night's FunInt/Advprint
REELPlough and the StarsInt/Advprint
REELGeorge White's FavoriteInt/Advprint
REELGravel WalksInt/Advprint
REELRoad to BallymacInt/Advprint
REELDown the BroomInt/Advprint
REELBrenda Stubbert'sInt/Advprint
REELBag of SpudsInt/Advprint
REELMan of the HouseInt/Advprintaudio
REELPigeon on the GateInt/Advprint
REELFox HunterInt/Advprintaudio
REELWoman of the HouseInt/Advprintaudio
REELMaid Behind the BarInt/Advprint
REELSilver SpearInt/Advprint
REELYellow TinkerInt/Advprintaudio
REELWise MaidInt/Advprint
REELFather Kelly'sInt/Advprintaudio
REELSally GardensInt/Advprint
REELGallway RamblerInt/Advprint
REELThe Trip to BirminghamInt/Advprint
REELMountain RoadInt/Advprintaudio
REELNell Davy'sInt/Advprintaudio
REELSmash the WindowsInt/Advprint
HORNPIPEOff to CaliforniaBeg/Intprint
HORNPIPEHarvest HomeInt/Advprint
HORNPIPEBoys of BluehillInt/Advprint
HORNPIPEMountain RangerInt/Advprintaudio
HORNPIPEWindsor TerraceInt/Advprintaudio
HORNPIPEJoe Cooley's HornpipeInt/Advprint
SLIP JIGSnowy PathInt/Advprint
SLIP JIGThe ButterflyInt/Advprint
SLIP JIGFig for a KissInt/Advprint
SLIP JIGKid on the MountainInt/Advprint
SLIP JIGSoggy'sInt/Advprint
SLIP JIGFox Hunter's Slip JigInt/Advprintaudio
WALTZFanny PowerBeg/Intprint
WALTZJacqueline's WaltzInt/Advprint
WALTZMargaret's WaltzInt/Advprint
SET DANCEThree Sea Captains (jig)Int/Advprintaudio
SET DANCEHumours of Bandon
(jig - 4-Hand ceili speed)
SET DANCEPlanxty Drury (jig)Int/Advprintaudio
SET DANCEMadame Bonaparte (hornpipe)Int/Advprintaudio
SET DANCEDownfall of Paris (hornpipe)Int/Advprintaudio