Private Lesson Requests

(NOTE: Champ dancers, this is not your form… please use this form on the Champ Blog instead.)

To request a private lesson, please submit the form below. The date and time for the lesson will be confirmed through direct communications with the instructor, but must also be approved by Maureen through this form. A private lesson request form must be submitted for EVERY private lesson, even if the lesson is held at a dancer’s home instead of at the Teelin studio, or taught over Zoom.

Private Lesson Request Form

**For instructors other than Maureen, Annie, Meg or Emily, a $15/hr studio fee is due to Teelin for each lesson. ALL private lesson fees are paid directly to the teacher at the start of the lesson.

When you submit this form, an email will be sent to Maureen and, and you will also receive a copy of the email. All private lessons must be pre-approved by Maureen. Maureen will forward the form by email to the requested teacher.

***If the form does not send correctly from your computer, then please send the answers to each of the questions from this form by email to BOTH and (Some web browsers are having trouble with this form, but the form still works for most people.)

Payment for a lesson is due to the instructor at the time of the lesson. The rate for a lesson is split among dancers if the lesson is shared.

Private lessons may be observed by a parent at any time. Per CLRG child protection policies, the studio door will remain open if a one-to-one lesson is taught to a child when the parent is not in the room.

Time and studio space are limited, therefore, partnering with another dancer for a semi-private lesson is encouraged, when appropriate. Priority is given to those dancers who practice independently and will therefore be able to maximize the productivity of their private lesson time.

Maureen must approve any private lessons or coaching sessions given by a Teelin Student Assistant prior to scheduling. Review of lesson plan prior to and after the lesson are also required. The policy for reserving studio space is listed on the Studio Calendar page of this website.

Maureen is ultimately responsible for Teelin’s team of teachers, including all private lesson and coaching sessions withTeelin students. A copy of Teelin’s Private Lesson Instructor Guidelines is available at this link.