Studio Calendar

Here is a copy of the Teelin Key Holder Agreement.


Before using the studio for independent practice, you will be required to read and sign the Teelin Key Holder Agreement. To request a key to the studio, please send email to Kathleen will convey your online registration to Meghan, who will activate your keycard. Your signed key holder agreement and a $10 deposit for a keycard may be submitted to Meghan in exchange for the key.

Please register within Studio Director for the current season of studio use for independent practices. If you do not see an option to register online, it may be because the current season is already in session. That’s no problem, just send email to and she will enroll you and inform you of the prorated fee for the remainder of the current season.

To book practice reservations:

  1. Check studio availability on the Studio Calendar –
  2. Submit reservation request to, specifying the day, date, time, and studio room you are requesting.
  3. If available, the reservation will be posted on the Studio Calendar.
  4. Please double check google calendar to be sure that your practice is posted, and make note of the studio room assignment. Any shared practices should list the names of all dancers practicing.

Whenever possible, we respectfully request that you try to book studio space within an hour of when the studio is already in use (either before or after). This greatly helps to reduce the amount of time that the heating or air conditioning is running at the studio.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: When at the studio, please adhere to the studio room reservation for which you registered. If that studio room is still occupied at the time that your reservation is scheduled to begin, politely communicate with the occupant asking when they will be finished, stating that you have reserved space in that room for that hour. Sometimes people lose track of time when practicing, or a private lesson runs over. We trust that all members of our community respect each other’s time, and will work together to be able to use the Teelin studio space. Thank you!


Maureen has seniority privileges for her lessons, rehearsals, etc, and therefore reserves the right to “bump” other reservations with 48 hours notice if there is a conflict.


Instructors, check the schedule below for studio availability, and then submit private lesson reservations to A reply email will be sent confirming the studio availability, and this reply will be copied to Kathleen to inform her that a lesson will be held on that day. $15 of each private lesson must be submitted to Teelin for studio usage. Payment must be clearly marked and dropped in the tuition box. (Advanced level dancers are reminded that they must have permission from Maureen to conduct “coaching sessions” or private lessons, and must review their lesson plan with Maureen before teaching the lesson.)

Students must submit a private lesson request form online to request a lesson – link for champ lessons, link for all others

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