Note Regarding Graduating Students

There are a few important things for students to know if they would like to continue their Irish dance training on a “part time” basis, especially if they are moving away for college.

According to CLRG (the Irish dancing commission) rules, any student who enters a sanctioned competition (i.e. – a feis) must be a student in good standing with a registered Irish dance school. Ultimately, every dancer in competition is a representative of their dance school. Dancers may only compete under the Teelin name with Maureen’s knowledge and permission.

If a Teelin college student would like to compete, but will be too far from Teelin to take classes on a regular basis during the school year, then they will need to take classes at Teelin when home on breaks, summer time, etc. They can sign up for studio use when they are home, and do drop-in classes (send an email to to drop in on classes).

If a college student will be practicing with a different Irish dance school near their college, but would like to remain a Teelin student instead of transferring to that school, then please discuss this with Maureen. It is certainly possible to do, but it is important to be aware that CLRG has strict rules related to a dancer’s association with teachers and judges from different schools, and will require that Maureen communicate directly with the owner/director of that Irish dance school. These situations can be explained in more detail as needed.

We wish our dancers all the best in the continued pursuits of their passion for Irish dance!