Teelin Events / Important Dates

Teelin is dedicated to developing a family friendly environment with a strong sense of community by hosting events that promote Irish culture through dance and music. Teelin sponsors many events throughout the year to achieve this mission, and would like to invite your family to participate fully.

Our Teelin events would not be possible without our wonderful volunteers. If you are interested in becoming more involved, there are many different ways to volunteer throughout the year, whether by networking or organizing or working a shift at an event. Please browse the Teelin website, and keep an eye out for volunteer announcements in the Teelin Updates & Reminders emails. We’re glad that you’re part of the Teelin Family… thank you!

Refer to the Events tab of our website’s navigation menu to see information about various Teelin events. (Note: These web pages may each display last year’s information until updated, so be sure to note the year of the date listed on the web page.)

An overview of Important Dates is outlined on this page of our website – https://teelin.com/TSID/student-info/school-calendar/

The Teelin Booster Club is also hosts additional events. As a 501c3 organization, Teelin Booster Club is a separate entity from the Teelin School of Irish Dance, Inc. Please see the booster club’s webpage for additional information, and be sure to join their Facebook group – https://teelin.com/TSID/logon/teelin-booster-club/