Alternate School Dress

The Teelin Alternate School Dress is often worn by Teelin dancers in the Beginner, Advanced Beginner or Novice Grade levels of competition. It is also the recommended costume for Teelin dancers competing in Adult level competitions.

alt dress


The Alternate School Dress is a one-piece dress, which is hand-washable (in cold water, line dry).  The dress should be worn with Irish bubble socks and black bloomers. Adults and must wear black Capezio dance tights with the dress, and teens may choose tights instead of socks if preferred.



To make a Teelin Alternate School Dress yourself, please follow these steps…

IMPORTANT! It has been brought to our attention that appears to have gone out of business. Teelin has a copy of the pattern available for loan. If we are able to find other options for this pattern, we will update this page when that information is available….

Purchase the appropriate size dress pattern for the “Irish Dance Princess Line Dress with Full Flare” available from

Purchase the appropriate amount of fabric (per the pattern). Jeanne Martin (contact info above) has this material for sale at a very reasonable price per yard, and is also happy to assist you with determining the yardage needed.

A: Place an order for the embroidery patch and headband by using this document for measuring and then sending an email to Paulette with the request. This order will be processed with Paulette Sweeney and you will be contacted regarding the timeline. The total cost for these items (patch and headband) is $60-$65 depending on size needed. Invoice will be sent via email by Paulette Sweeney.


B: Begin sewing! Or, contact a dressmaker of your choice to have the dress made.


  1. The pattern calls for piping at the neckline, but we will not be using piping for this dress. Instead, dressmakers should make a simple front and back neck facing from the poplin.
  2. The hem facing per the pattern forms a border along the outside of the skirt.
  3. The finished skirt hem must land at least 3 inches above the top of the kneecap. Irish dance dresses cannot be too long. If they are, it makes it difficult to see a dancer’s legs, and a judge may deduct points in competition.

Attach the embroidery patch to the chest area of the dress and the cape to the LEFT shoulder area and the RIGHT hip area per instructions. Black bloomers may be purchased from most dance stores for approximately $10.

If you have any questions, please ask!


As dancers outgrow their costume, it is recommended that the dress be listed for sale on the Teelin Buy and Sell page. The recommended resale value of a well-kept Teelin Alternate Dress is $130.