Teelin School Dress

The Teelin School Dress is worn by dancers who choose to compete at feiseanna. Dancers typically wear this dress through Prizewinner Grade in solo dances.



The Teelin School Dress is a sleeveless dress, with a sleeved shirt worn underneath. The shirt is conveniently washable (gently, line dry). The full dress can also be gently washed if necessary (submerse in tub, use minimal MILD detergent, keep flat), but given that this is a black dress with a black underskirt, it is recommended that washing the dress be done as RARELY as possible.

This dress is very versatile – can be worn sleeveless for performances, or with sleeves for competitions. (Sleeves are required for competitions.) The entire dress has been designed with the dancer’s performance and comfort in mind.

Each dress includes a matching embroidered headband. Hair is to be worn down, either neatly curled or straight and full-bodied, held neatly off the face by the headband. No ponytails or braids, and NO WIGS! Remember to secure the headband with bobby pins or clips.

Black bloomers are also included with each new dress. Dress should be worn with Irish bubble socks. Figure Team dancers will wear black dance tights instead of socks with this dress.


Each new School Dress is custom made. Total cost of a new dress is approximately $600 and includes the sleeveless dress, the undershirt with sleeves, bloomers, cape, and embroidered headband. (Note: For dresses that require the pattern size Junior C or larger, an additional $25 will be charged due to the increased amount of materials required.)

The price information listed above is for reference only, for resales.

As dancers outgrow their Teelin School Dress, it is recommended that the dress be listed for sale on the Teelin Buy and Sell page.