Teelin School Vest

The Teelin School Vest is worn by dancers who choose to compete at feiseanna. Male dancers typically wear this vest through Prizewinner Grade in solo dances, and the Teelin School Vest is also worn for champion level figure teams. (Male champion level soloists should wear a solo costume that Maureen has approved.) This vest is also a required costume for boys in the Teelin Irish Dance Company.


Each new vest is custom made. Please allow ample time before a competition or performance to have a vest made. The embroidery for the vest is a separate patch that is sewn onto the custom-made vest. Sewing a new vest requires approximately 4-5 weeks, and ordering the embroidery patch also usually requires several weeks turnaround time.

Note (Sep 2012): Teelin has a few vests currently in stock. To try on one of these vests, please send an email to gear@teelin.com. The emroidered patch would still need to be purchased separately and properly sewn onto the vest.

The total cost for a new Teelin School Vest is approximately $185-$195.

ORDERING PROCEDURES: To inquire about having a new Teelin School Vest made, please contact Beth Koolbeck by phone AND by email. Beth’s home phone is 410-465-1249, cell phone is 301-672-7525, and email is beth@koalaklan.org.

Beth will arrange a meeting for measurements at the studio, and will also make arrangements to order the patch. Then Beth will get busy making the new vest.

There will be at least one more meeting for a fitting, or more if needed until the vest fits correctly and Maureen OKs it.

Payment due to Beth Koolbeck is $125, and payment for the patch will be due to Ann Donahue (cost varies from $60-70 depending on size of the patch).

Beth is able to commit to making one Teelin Vest per month. This allows leeway for fittings and potential production snags.

The Teelin Vest should be worn with black dress shirt, “true red” tie, black pants, black belt, and black socks. Please see the following links: