Welcome, Duffy Dance Families!

Teelin School offers a very warm welcome to certified teachers Erin Duffy Martorano, TCRG, Casey Duffy Graham, TCRG, and Caitlin Kriner, TCRG, and to all Duffy School dancers and families. Erin Duffy Martorano, TCRG, has owned and operated the very successful Duffy School for ten years, and is expanding the opportunities available to her school’s dancers by combining resources with the Teelin School. Upon completing the terms of a studio lease in Gaithersburg this June, the name of the Duffy School will no longer be registered. However, together as a combined team, we look forward to continuing the original mission and focus of the Duffy School, which is fully inline with the Teelin School mission and focus:

Founded in 2007, The Duffy School of Irish Dance is dedicated to sharing the culture, art, and athleticism of Irish dance. Through Irish dance, our students develop self-esteem, confidence, and lasting friendships, as well as learn about Irish dance. While much of Irish dance is individual in nature, we encourage a team atmosphere in which dancers support each other as they strive for a common goal.

We believe strongly in fostering a positive, inspiring atmosphere that encourages each dancer to be their best selves. We are committed to building our school culture around family, love, support, and inclusiveness.

The very foundation of what we do is steeped in Irish history, and our award-winning choreography has its roots deeply planted in that tradition. We are committed to preserving and sharing that culture with our dancers and our community.

We approach each student as an individual with different strengths, weaknesses, and goals. We are fully committed to the whole health of each dancer through proper fitness and qualified dance instruction.

Teelin Owner/Director Maureen Berry, TCRG, and Owner/Business Manager Kathleen Young, TCRG, have been working closely with the Duffy School teachers to help ensure a smooth transition. The new combined Teelin Team is committed to strengthening the resources for all dancers associated with the Teelin School of Irish Dance. Here are a few highlights:

  • All current Duffy School dancers are invited to enroll in the Teelin School. Students who compete will not need to serve the CLRG-imposed ban from competitions.
  • Teelin classes will be offered for all levels of Irish dancing at our main studio location in Columbia. Starting in Fall 2018, classes for beginners and grade-level dancers will also be offered once a week at a new satellite location in Damascus.
  • Three additional TCRG-certified teachers joining the Teelin teaching staff will provide several exciting new opportunities for students, and our team looks forward to the enhanced resources provided to all Teelin students and families.

Over the next few weeks and months, additional information will be shared, and necessary updates will be made to the Teelin website and resources to reflect this expansion.

As with any change, there may understandably be some additional questions. Individual questions may be sent to info@teelin.com, and each topic will be addressed as needed.

***UPDATE 4/23/18 – This post has been slightly edited to reflect a recent ruling from CLRG’s US Southern Region Board of Directors, just received on April 20. Prior to our public announcement on April 7, CLRG officials had already approved the Duffy School’s plan to merge with Teelin School. However, the board has since reversed their decision, and is now ruling that the Duffy School is closing, not merging. Therefore, this post has been edited to remove two sentences that included the word merger. All other aspects in this announcement remain the same, and Teelin wholeheartedly welcomes anyone from the Duffy School who chooses to enroll at Teelin School. It is still our intention to offer classes for beginners and grade-level dancers once a week at a new satellite location in Damascus, as long as there is sufficient enrollment at that location.